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Our contribution: $576.44
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This ecosystem has been successfully functioning for 5 years and has fully justified itself, because our portfolio already includes several dozen companies and individuals.individuals with large private capital who used our services and were able to make excellent money in times of rapid growth and deep falls in global markets, high volatility of cryptocurrencies, permanent fluctuations in e-commerce. We have been thinking for a long time about how to develop this successful experience of direct investment and consulting, and decided to create a public platform that combines both of these activities. Our logic is simple: if we, as a company, have been able to achieve success in non-public investment, then why not try the open participation model. This is how our new platform with a huge successful experience – Avalon Technologies-appeared. We are glad that you are with us!
Payout Ratio:
$279.22 in 10 payouts
$576.44 in 12 spends

Type Date Amount Comment
Spend May 29th, 2022 $15.00
Profit Dec 10th, 2020 $22.22
Spend Dec 10th, 2020 $222.00
Profit Nov 16th, 2020 $12.00
Spend Nov 16th, 2020 $44.44
Spend Aug 22nd, 2020 $50.00
Profit Aug 22nd, 2020 $50.00
Spend Aug 19th, 2020 $50.00
Profit Aug 19th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Aug 9th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Aug 9th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Aug 7th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Aug 7th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Aug 5th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Aug 5th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Jul 29th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Jul 29th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Jul 28th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Jul 28th, 2020 $30.00
Spend Jul 27th, 2020 $30.00
Profit Jul 27th, 2020 $15.00
Spend Jul 26th, 2020 $15.00 Deposit 15$
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